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issue one

Wild Warriors

By Quill C Elska

The Toll of the Wild Child

Losing yourself in fantasy lands,

Dreaming with utter control,

Nothing can stop a wild child,

Except the unexpected toll.


To see the world as a colourful painting,

An incomplete & unexplainable place,

Spirits here & myths there,

Unbelievers falling from grace.


Together in violence & hatred,

Fire in the sky we strike,

Blood explodes into shrapnel,

Unbelievers & believers alike.


Imagine the flowers in bloom,

So dried up & ready to wilt,

Forests toppled & nature destroyed,

Spreading anger to the accusers of guilt.


Hatred grows to ignite fires,

Mind & soul never the same,

Technology consumes us over eons,

Focus drawn towards fortune & fame.

Dreams shattered into fragile pieces,

Abiding citizens stuck in a trance,

Nothing but zombies exist anymore,

We've run into our very last chance.


Our thoughts have no barrier,

Our beliefs no longer free,

Our dreams simply weapons,

Our bodies just seeds.


Standing against undisturbed trees,

No longer vessels of vile,

Nothing can break a soul more,

Than the toll of the wild child.

The Girl and The Wishing Well

Silent forest in an endless space,

Dear sweet company of a father’s grace,

No sound but his voice in a story old,

The tale of the wishing well so often told.


Asleep in her bed the little one rests,

Hopeful eyes in her softly nest,

She sees the sun and a bright new day,

Through the door she'll be on her way.


Towering trees and a wooden pale,

She ventures off into the greenly vale,

Curious soul so brave and alone,

Glimmering light upon rounded stone.


Enshrouded mist and clustered shadows,

Fragrant pedals beneath hanging willows,

Ancient waters of the story he tells,

The tale of the hopeful wishing well

Earth Warriors


Earth warriors,

Triumphant and true,

Undeniably strong,

Courageous and few.

Defenders of roots,

Aged from olden trees,

Firmly planted in the ground,

Alongside warriors on their knees.

Graced with the fullest compassion,

Mind, heart, soul joined as one,

Enough to battle their enemies,

For the fight has only begun.

Their weapons simply elements,

Sharp enough to pierce,

Their tears fill the rivers,

So undoubtedly fierce.

Clouds roll in chaos,

Shadows dance beneath the skies,

Destruction rains like hellfire,

From the leaders who spew their lies.

Flora burns and colours fade,

Fauna suffers within the fall,

Earth warriors rise from the ashes,

Standing brave and standing tall.

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about the author:

Quill C. Elska is a published empathic author. She has seven self-published novels on Amazon and several more on the way. She mostly dabbles in sci-fi, dystopian, fantasy, paranormal, horror, and romance fiction. All of her novels are LGBT+ and her signature is writing polyamorous relationships. Aside from that, she also enjoys writing poetry, painting, sketching, and photography. 

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